How do I receive Messages from other Community Members?


When someone sends you a message you will receive an email alert, and you will also receive a message notification within Veditz.

1) Within the Veditz web site this is how you'll know you have a message; there will be a blue circle with a number inside for the number of messages. If you have the Veditz Apple or Android app and the app is set to receive messages, then you'll also receive a message notification on your smartphone or tablet. 



2) Click on the blue dot to read your message and response if you so choose. You can always return to review your messages as Veditz does not allow the deletion of messages by Community Members. This helps to promote a safe and civil community. We are all for freedom of communication and expression; we simply ask that everyone be responsible for their communications. Messages are also private between the sender and receiver therefore others in the community can not search for or access them.