What are the requirements to apply to become a Paid Tutor with Veditz?


There are 4 steps to be a paid tutor.

1) You have at least one of these qualifications (verified via either posting a picture of a supporting document / certificate within the Certificates section of your profile or Veditz has directly verified it):

  • ASLPI 4 or higher
  • ASLTA Provisional Level or higher
  • College Interpreter on Staff
  • College Teacher/Professor
  • EIPA Certified Level 3.5 or higher
  • Interpreter License/Certification (State/Province)
  • K-12 Teaching License/Certification
  • NAD III Certification or higher
  • RID Certificate of Interpretation
  • RID Certificate of Transliteration
  • RID Certified Deaf Interpreter
  • RID National Interpreter Certification
  • RID Specialist Certificate: Legal
Under exceptional circumstances through an interview with Veditz' President and references, a non-credentialed Native Signer or CODA can be approved for up to 9-months at the lowest paid tutor level within Veditz.


2) You have submitted 100% of the profile requirements to be a paid tutor, this includes setting your price.


3) You have set up calendar. Not sure how to? Click here to learn how to set up a calendar of availability.



4) If you choose to be approved via interview, learn how to set up an appointment here, and set-up and conducted a minimum 15 minute interview in ASL with Veditz' President. Please do not request this meeting until after you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 above

5) If you sign something other than ASL then please send an email to info@veditz.org once you have completed steps 1, 2 and 3 and we will discuss with you an alternative way to verify your signing abilities.