How do I get ready to receive a video call request and accept it?


To receive and accept video call requests you have to be in Ready Mode On. The first time you log into Veditz you automatically are put in Ready Mode On.

1) To find out if you are in Ready Mode On or Ready Mode Off status look at a white box at the middle top of your screen. If you don't see the box click on the arrow at the top middle of your screen and the box will open.



2) When you see Online and a green dot you are in Ready Mode On and able to accept incoming video call requests. It's a good habit to make sure you are in Ready Mode On 5 minutes prior to any scheduled call with another person.



3) If you don't want to receive a video call request when logged into Veditz, then go to Ready Mode Off by clicking on the phrase Turn Ready mode off. The status message will change be Offline with an orange dot.



4) While in Ready Mode On, if someone sends you a request to connect for either a scheduled video call, or an on-demand request to connect, you will receive an alert at the top of your screen. You can now Accept or Reject or Ignore the request. If you Accept the request you will be connected via live video chat within about 10 to 15 seconds. If you receive nuisance requests then please let us know and rate the person 1 star as we will ask people to leave the community if they continuously send nuisance requests.