What can I expect during a session and what in-call tools are available?


Once connected in a call you have many options to make the most of your meeting.

1) To the upper right of the screen you can click on the name of person you are meeting with and go to their profile. If you are a Hearing person you can control the speaker and microphone. The speaker on/off is next to the name of the person you are meeting with and the microphone is at the upper right of your photo. 


2) At the bottom of the screen are buttons for a variety of features such as the whiteboard and chat features. Play with all of the features to see how easy they are to use! If a button is Yellow the feature is not being used. When a button is Green that feature is currently in use. The only button that is in Red is the End Call button. If your partner is using a tool that you have not opened, a green dot will appear over the tool button so you know to click on it.



NOTE: that if you open any feature other then Chat, then the video will disappear. All you need to do is click on the Double Arrows (full screen) and you will see the video.

When your sessions is complete, select the Red button, which will end the call.