How do I set up a profile so other members can search for and see my profile?


If you only want to be a volunteer practice partner or helper and have no plans to be a paid Tutor or Interpreter, then you'll need to add:

  • photo of you
  • a wallpaper background
  • your city and state/provence and country
  • your sign language
  • your qualifications

If you want to be a Paid Tutor, then you'll need to additionally add the following; though they are not needed until you apply to be a Paid Tutor:

  • link your public version of Facebook or LinkedIn
  • a summary section about you (make it authentic and real)
  • at least one job (you can write Student or Retired)
  • at least one education program
  • your city and state/provence and country
  • the topics you can help others with
  • (optional) affinity groups you want to be associated with
  • a link to a video introducing yourself to the community

Once you complete the minimum sections (when you are at 100% in the progress bar) your profile will then be reviewed for approval. Until then your Account will be set up that no one can search for and see your profile until approved.