How do I use the Hotline Button for Veditz to auto select and connect me with someone?


Veditz has a cool feature we call the Hotline Button. Imagine, you’re at home, at school, maybe a coffee shop and you would like to practice with someone else learning ASL and at your same study level. With the Hotline button and a few clicks Veditz begins alerting dozens of practice partners who also have the same interest right now. You don’t have to look at profiles. Vedtiz does it all for you. And in seconds a Study Partner around the corner or around the world, will appear in a live video chat ready to practice with you.

We suggest you ONLY use this feature when looking for a practice partner, NOT a paid tutor. If you are looking for a paid tutor or interpreter then use the Find Help page and filters or keyword search.

1) On any page click on the Feather icon at the top of the page.



2) You'll come to the Hotline Button. Click on it.




3) Now elect one choice within each filter regarding what you are looking for. Then click on Ask for Help and Veditz will begin to send dozens of alerts to Community Members who meet your request and who are logged in right now and who may be interest to connect with another Community Member for an impromptu practice session.