What services does Veditz offer?


We are a multi-service online education marketplace for the deaf and for hearing people learning a sign language. Our services are:

  • A free innovative and one of a kind peer-to-peer portal whereby any deaf person can connect with another deaf person for peer-to-peer support (example 2 deaf college students connecting to help each other with algebra) and people interested in sign languages (deaf and hearing) can also connect to help each other and practice.
  • A paid tutoring marketplace for k-12 to college subjects (math, science, ASL...) with the tutoring delivered in sign language. Parents or schools can search for and hire directly any Veditz paid tutor. All paid tutors are personally approved to assure quality.
  • Veditz answers, a Khan Academy for Deaf people, to ask and receive answers online to questions on math, science, ASL, life skills and more, with the answers provided in ASL, and then other sign languages over time.

We welcome anyone to join our free services, and if you qualify to apply to be a paid tutor. You can learn more here regarding qualifications, pricing, etc…