What does it cost to use Veditz?


Vedtiz has both a FREE and a paid service.


Peer-to-Peer Practice is FREE on Veditz

Veditz is FREE for anyone learning a sign language to find and connection with others learning that sign language and use the Veditz platform to practice that sign language together via live video chat.

Peer-to-peer practice is proven to be the best way to master any language, especially sign languages due to the intricacy of their visual nature. But finding practice partners is a challenge. Not anymore. With Veditz you'll meet new friends, have fun, learn local dialect...all for free!

All you need to do to access FREE unlimited peer to peer practice is create an account on Veditz.


What services do you pay for on Veditz

The only time anyone pays is when a community member wants help from a paid tutor.

Each tutor is an independent contractor. Veditz conducts a 100% review of all paid tutors, including conducting an interview in the sign language they will tutor in.

If approved, the tutor then selects their rate and members searching for a paid tutor are able to see each tutor hourly rate. Rates typically run from about $30/hour to about $50/hour; but they can be lower or higher depending upon the tutor skills, qualifications, the topics, etc... Tutoring is charged per the minute with a 15 minute minimum.


Our Guarantee

At Veditz we believe you’ll find the world's best tutors for the Deaf. We’re so convinced about that, that when you work with one of our paid tutors, if you’re not completely satisfied for any reason, let us know and you’ll receive a 100% refund.