How do I submit referrals to Veditz' Refer-a-Friend program?


When you are ready to submit names, go to the Refer-a-Friend entry form. 

If you need help on how to do this follow every step listed below in this process. If you don't your names will not be submitted.

1) Go to the Refer-a-Friend entry form. The form looks like this.



2) After entering your email and name, and the names of 1 to 10 referrals you click on the button "Submit these emails to Veditz' Refer-a-Friend Program.



3) You will receive a screen message instructing you to go to your email and confirm your submission.



4) Confirm in the email you were sent that you submitted a list of emails to the Refer-a-Friend program.



5) You will receive a message that we recorded your entry.



6) You will also receive an email confirming the emails you submitted.