How do I set my price for Paid Tutoring?


1) Go to your profile and make sure you select Paid Tutor within your Profile Type. If you don't then pricing will not appear.



2) Once you select Paid Tutor then pricing option will appear.


3) You can then select a maximum price. The Maximum Price is based upon the "Highest" qualification you select in your My Qualifications.


4) The maximum prices you can have are based upon this matrix.



Credentials (you qualify for the highest category that has listed one or more of your credentials; you only need one credential within a category to qualify for that category)

Maximum price per hour


ASLTA Provisional Level

NAD III Certification

EIPA Certified Level 3.5 to 3.9

College Interpreter on Staff

College Teacher/Professor

Non-credentialed ASL Signer who has been approved for a provisional trial via an interview with Veditz may qualify for Category 1 but they will have 9-months to achieve a recognized credential.




ASLTA Qualified Level

NAD IV Certification

EIPA Certified Level 4.0 to 4.4

Interpreter License/Certification (State/Province)

K-12 Teaching License/Certification




ASLTA Professional Level

NAD V Certification

EIPA Certified Level 4.5 to 5.0

RID Certificate of Interpretation

RID Certificate of Transliteration

RID Certified Deaf Interpreter

RID National Interpreter Certification

RID Specialist Certificate: Legal